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New Colours
stealthy korbat
stealthy korbat
camouflage korbat
camouflage korbat
dimensional jetsam
dimensional jetsam
swamp gas jetsam
swamp gas jetsam
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Most recent news entries:
25/10/2014 - Stealthy and Camouflage Korbat
Stealthy is pretty gorgeous, though I have to wonder about their base colour choice. Don't get me wrong, the knight outfit is delightfully detailed...
10/10/2014 - Woodland and Strawberry Eyrie
Woodland looks completely gorgeous. Not only does it have lovely texturing and shading, it also has a a ton of intricate flowers and vines as well ...
05/10/2014 - Wraith and Pastel Grarrl
The Wraith Grarrl looks spooky and appropriately nasty. The various curves work pretty well and the face is very nicely done. It looks like a skull...
25/09/2014 - Desert and Eventide Skeith
25/09/2014 - Dimensional and Wraith Poogle
13/09/2014 - Maractite and Biscuit Techo
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