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by Twisted
16 Jul 2009 12:17 am
Forum: New Features
Topic: Legends of Pinball
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Re: Legends of Pinball

There's nothing like a good pinball game, but it needs to be longer darnit. Where's the nudge? The long streams of levels and never ending play? Too darn short...but fun though. I'm weak to a good pinball game. But then again, I love button bashers! At least now my computer's super fast I can beat A...
by Twisted
19 Dec 2008 07:00 pm
Forum: New Features
Topic: Advent Calendar
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Re: Advent Calendar

The animation made me smile quite a bit, plus the prizes were nice (yesterday's was good too)

Though I didn't get any Neocash (which is depressing)
by Twisted
12 Dec 2008 12:29 am
Forum: Chit-chat
Topic: So....what do you want for Christmas?
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Re: So....what do you want for Christmas?

For Christmas I really really want a top hat to add to my hat collection. I've already had quite a bit of art materials (oh why does overseas shipping cost quite a bit) ordered for me which I've received but I dunno what else. I'd ask for money but my family doesn't really believe in giving money fo...
by Twisted
28 Apr 2007 11:14 pm
Forum: Art
Topic: Art programs
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HAY theres this kinda new program called "ArtRage 2" and it's very good for japanese-ish painting and stuff like that. The free version wont let you open files in it (like bmp or jpg) and it doesn't have layers. But it's super fun nonetheless. :o You miiight want to add it to the list for people wh...
by Twisted
28 Apr 2007 03:43 pm
Forum: New Features
Topic: New neopets layout
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*comes out of super lurker mode* I've been having a look and now seeing WHAT they've done (I've only really heard from DA journals since I've quit around October/November time) Now they've really fudged up indeed in my opinion. Most of the redrawn pets look samey and not right at all. Glad I quit be...
by Twisted
24 Feb 2007 09:55 pm
Forum: Chit-chat
Topic: RL Achievements and ToW-split 2/16/09
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Achievement: I finally got my DS Lite as a birtday present which is good. It's pink and pretty and such.

Woe: My camera (which I got for Christmas) got knocked and the screen broke. I was able to get it replace but I was a bit miffed the screen broke after 2 months.
by Twisted
29 Jan 2007 10:32 pm
Forum: Offsite Games
Topic: Nintendo DS. Is it worth buying?
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My brother has a normal DS, and so does one of my friends. Somehow I have found myself wanting a DS Lite-preferably one of the pink ones (though white will do and would probably end up with a stickered decal later). I've had a few goes on some of my brother's games. Though Ihave hinted I would like...
by Twisted
14 Dec 2006 11:13 pm
Forum: Chit-chat
Topic: RL Achievements and ToW-split 2/16/09
Replies: 1109
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Achievement: Finished college for the term and got passes on all my projects so far (yay!)
Woe: We're getting a kitchen extension and our house is more of a tip than usual.
by Twisted
24 Aug 2006 04:43 pm
Forum: Art
Topic: First (real) computer art.
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It's better that what I can do on the computer art wise you know, and I've tried.
By the way-very nice shading ^^ The outfit's great too ^^
by Twisted
02 Jul 2006 07:20 pm
Forum: Art
Topic: Umm...some of my art :D
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Umm...some of my art :D

Well it's about time I showed you all some of my art. All links because I'm not stretching your pages. I would rather NOT have crit-especially on the quad ones. I hardly draw quad anyway so it's no use critting them. My Acara-which I entered a cropped v...
by Twisted
01 Jul 2006 10:43 pm
Forum: Site suggestions
Topic: AaToW, and posts which are neither.
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I say go for the minor achievment sticky, with some guidelines :D Because there are some achievments (for example-there's lots of name achievements recently which no one is really going to care about unless it's a really personal reason) but then again what someone calls an achievemnt varies. Like ...
by Twisted
29 Jun 2006 12:05 pm
Forum: New Colours
Topic: Mutant and Electric Flotsams
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That Mutant is good-I do like royal blue you know so this makes me happy. And the rough texture makes it look cool. And the long tounge that everyone else has said about ^^ Flotsams would look nice with a revamp-as they can be drawn rahter well. Why couldn't I have waited a day and drawn a Mutant F...
by Twisted
28 Jun 2006 09:35 pm
Forum: Chit-chat
Topic: Just curious about AX
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Well I wouldn't mind going but it's in America and I can't get hold of enough money to get a plane ticket short notice and tickets D: I wouldn't mind going to an anime convention but they're pretty hard to get by in England. Or too far away to me-since I'm a minor and all. It's meant to be pretty b...
by Twisted
21 Jun 2006 03:28 pm
Forum: Chit-chat
Topic: Neocolours awards?
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It would worsen inter-forum relations more than WW.
And plus NC is starting to get cliches and that lot-and in a way that would not be the best idea.
And plus-we already aorta know who's winning the awards
by Twisted
05 Jun 2006 08:41 pm
Forum: Art
Topic: JPG Compression
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If you're using PSP there's a handy dandy little tool called JPEG Converter which can help save nice JPEG-and you can edit the quality to rather good quality. I usually save in JPEG this way ^^ (though having traditional art doesn't help) But if I am making graphics I save in PNG. Though htey're la...