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by Mesmirez
07 Apr 2008 12:36 am
Forum: Chit-chat
Topic: Steampunk!
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Re: Steampunk!

<333 I LOVE steampunk. To the point that I bought a bunch of fabric and victorian dress patterns off of eBay which I will eventually make into dresses of my own design.


GOD yes.
I need a smokes.
by Mesmirez
04 Mar 2008 11:38 pm
Forum: Chit-chat
Topic: Lindsey and I are... grandparents! (pics!)
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Re: Lindsey and I are... grandparents! (pics!)

Believe me, baby guinea pigs are *mass-ive* when they're born. It's really bizarre having dealt with other small animals my whole life and having them all being fingernail-sized jellybeans for the first few weeks. I had a guinea mom a few months back, she had *four* babies (would have been five, act...
by Mesmirez
17 Jan 2008 04:32 am
Forum: Chit-chat
Topic: The Voynich Manuscript
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The Voynich Manuscript

Open yourselves to the trippiness.


I'm absolutely obsessed with this thing the more I read about it. I'll be so bummed if it turns out to be a hoax, but I honestly can't see how it would be. It's insane.
by Mesmirez
05 Nov 2007 02:20 pm
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Topic: Ron Paul
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Re: Ron Paul

My parents are avid Ron Paul supporters. I'm too young to vote and have too short an attention span to watch/read about the candidates beyond the Daily Show, but I've heard nothing but good things about Ron Paul, so yeah. :P Basically, though, I'm scared no other candidate but Obama or Clinton will ...
by Mesmirez
01 Nov 2007 06:14 pm
Forum: Chit-chat
Topic: Halloween Pic Dump, anyone?
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Halloween Pic Dump, anyone?

I wanna see costumes :D surely nobody here's too cool to dress up? If you are, you suck at life, go away. I was Mother War from the Black Parade Video. Geeky yet awesome :D . Me, with my demon hound klonked out next to me. Uh. Standing. Woo. A bit too dark, but by far the coolest pic because of the ...
by Mesmirez
11 Sep 2007 07:23 pm
Forum: Subeta Colours
Topic: Possible Malticorn Revamp
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Frankly I can't see any personality/elegance differences in the old and new Malticorns other then the fact that the new one has, yanno, good art. The old one's lines and shading and crap was so awful, and the face was so misshapen, I always loathed them. I really don't see where you guys are coming ...
by Mesmirez
11 Sep 2007 02:55 pm
Forum: Subeta Colours
Topic: Ghostly Possible Revamp
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I woe because I'm posting in a thread so far down, but the Glacier Ghostly got me inspired. Anyhoooo, I really want to like the Ghostly revamp, I think they did a good job preserving the pet's personality + even the pose, so that's all good, /buuut/... -The shading is too... I dunno, scrappy? I'm ju...
by Mesmirez
10 Sep 2007 09:41 pm
Forum: Chit-chat
Topic: Need a picture (for a great cause!)
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Whoo, I've got enough random animal pictures, maybe one or two will catch your eye xD . Wolf Spider (eek!) Ratty1 Ratty2 Guinea Baby 1 Guinea Baby 2 Goat 1 Ratty 3 (AWW!) Horse and Goat Goat Herd Goat Baby Closeup 'Nother Goat Momma & Baby Goat Billy Goat Not-So-Gruff (Wish I could find a bigger ver...
by Mesmirez
29 Aug 2007 05:42 pm
Forum: Chit-chat
Topic: Desktop Thread
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Views: 7037 Currently, it's a picture I found on Deviantart made by FreakyBabe , though I change it every few days. I like to arrange my icons artfully around the pictures, because I'm a whore like that, and if I have too many to make it artful enough t...
by Mesmirez
28 Aug 2007 01:30 am
Forum: Chit-chat
Topic: Be Happy!
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Exercise doesn't do much for me, at least lately-- but that's because it's over 100 degrees here and any strenuous activity doesn't do much for me XD I do enjoy it when it's cooler, though. Things I really enjoy doing when I'm down are playing with my rats, drawing, singing and watching really corny...
by Mesmirez
14 Jun 2007 04:38 am
Forum: Art
Topic: Rat Adoptables for Gaia (In Need of Critique!)
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Rat Adoptables for Gaia (In Need of Critique!)

Warning: Large File -Collapse- Whoo, that was a lot to draw in an hour! Anyhoo, these are my work-in-progress adoptables for But I'd like them to be perfect as possible, so I need some last-minute critique from all the crazy rat people here (I only have two and they're usually hidde...
by Mesmirez
18 Apr 2007 03:25 pm
Forum: New Colours
Topic: Pink Lutari
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Yeeey! This'd be the best color for Elambre (since there're no strawberry lutaris yet), if I ever get back into Neo.

by Mesmirez
18 Dec 2006 01:47 am
Forum: Art
Topic: Buggiez!
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Haha, so adorable! ^^ Those are really cute. Do you think you could make insects other than moths? I might be interested in ordering some from you. ^.^ Thanks! :D I could definitely do, like, spiders or beetles -- overly intricate ones like ants or mantises, obviously, would be a problem, but I cou...
by Mesmirez
17 Dec 2006 11:27 pm
Forum: Art
Topic: Buggiez!
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Mes unleashed the girly girl in her to sew up something cute and pink. Inspired in part by Blepharopsis's bug gallery. As the description says, they're also for sale x).