Ghost and Shadow Buzz

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Ghost and Shadow Buzz

Post by Nogitsune » 12 Jan 2010 01:06 am

Thanks to Jellyneo


Both look interesting, though I'm wondering why the Ghost Buzz is smiling. Strange, the aura looks thick on the small image but is hardly noticeable on the larger one.

*Edited to include larger images and adjusted commentary.
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Re: Ghost and Shadow Buzz

Post by Laniv » 12 Jan 2010 01:31 am

I just noticed the aura. It shows up white on my computer.
White aura on an ghost pet is wrong.
Shadow is pretty much a colorfill, but I like the shade of blue they used for the eyes.

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Re: Ghost and Shadow Buzz

Post by Xelio » 12 Jan 2010 02:38 am

I like the eyes on both of them, but otherwise, just a colorfill, so not much to write home about.
Thanks Tiel for the lovely set!
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Re: Ghost and Shadow Buzz

Post by EofS » 12 Jan 2010 02:41 am

The aura looks odd/thick/white on the small image because of the way they save them for the news images. It's always (or almost always) the case.


Real small image is fine.

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Re: Ghost and Shadow Buzz

Post by zebru » 12 Jan 2010 02:46 am

Wooo, I guessed both colours right!

I like the eyes on both, and wings. They did a pretty solid job with both (minus ghost's facial expression).
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Re: Ghost and Shadow Buzz

Post by lar » 12 Jan 2010 03:29 am

I'm not a huge fan of buzzes, but the colors on these are nice. The ghost bothers me a bit, though; it's not as glowy as most ghost pets. And it's got the default happy buzz expression, which is weird for ghost.
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Re: Ghost and Shadow Buzz

Post by Jax » 12 Jan 2010 05:12 am

I really wish we'd have gotten an expression change on the Ghost but otherwise they're nice basic colour fills

Also is it me or are we getting a lot of Shadow pets lately?

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Re: Ghost and Shadow Buzz

Post by MeZergy » 12 Jan 2010 06:06 am

Both are very elegant and simple... I guess laziness sometimes creates success.

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Re: Ghost and Shadow Buzz

Post by TCStarwind » 12 Jan 2010 04:02 pm

They're both fairly nice for standard colorfills. Wish there was more of a glow on the buzz. I won't complain about the expression, though, as half of the ghost pets just come with the basic happy face.

And I really like the periwinkle-lavender color they used on the shadow's eyes.

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Re: Ghost and Shadow Buzz

Post by Faun » 12 Jan 2010 04:06 pm

Im sad that the ghost isnt very glowy. but I like the eyes on both of them. Id say that they are both quite nice. :)
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Re: Ghost and Shadow Buzz

Post by Plushie Lenny » 12 Jan 2010 06:11 pm

Both are Ok-ish colourfills, the eyes on both are great
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