Pokémon Sword and Shield

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Pokémon Sword and Shield

Post by Nogitsune »

With the starters for the eighth generation of pokémon revealed, I felt it would be relevant to start a thread.

I'm guessing that Grookey will be #810 (since Melmetal is #809). Sobble will be #813 and Scorbunny will be #816 (unless there's some Victini-like weirdness).

#819 will likely be a regional Normal type whether in the form of a two-stage mammal or a three-stage bird. It could also be an insect, though I think that's more likely to be after #821. Similarly, it could be something else entirely - though all regions (so far) have had their own regional Mammal, Bird, and Insect.

I would expect more Dragon and Fairy types around since the region of Galar is basically the UK. I'd especially like to see more Fairy/[] types since the only ones that exist right now are Togetic and Togekiss (Fairy/Flying). There are lots of Fairy secondary types, though. It'd be nice if Eevee gets a Dragon evolution here.

I'm really hoping for more regional variants. I really loved the altered Kanto-region pokémon. I'm actually hoping this time around the Johto region will get some nice variants.

I missed the fossil evolutions last time and I'm hoping for a couple here, but that's likely going to be a long shot, though plesiosaurs are certainly one possibility (unless Lapras plays Nessie).

I'm not sure what number this generation will end at. Starting at 810 means there's 190 slots left before the numbering system needs to change.

I. Had 151
II. Had 100
III. Had 135
IV. Had 107
V. Had 156
VI. Had 72
VII. Had 88

Since the last two generations had less than 100 pokémon, I'm willing to bet that this one will too. I think they might try to end it at an even 900 (meaning there will be 90 new pokémon), but that's hard to know - especially given all the pokémon that were released after Sun and Moon/Ultra Sun and Moon came out.

What might folks be interested in seeing? What predictions would you have?
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Re: Pokémon Sword and Shield

Post by Madge »

I am looking forward to seeing all the new critters but a bit sad about the switch thing (even though we already knew that). I have let's go eevee and still haven't gotten past Cerulean just because my partner is often playing something else on the switch and I prefer to play pokemon in handheld mode. And I'm going away for six months this year and I don't think I'll buy a whole second switch just to be able to play pokemon while I'm away, you know???

Anyway I'm not particularly drawn to any of the starters. I'd have to see what they evolve into. I'm still pretty sad about Litten changing so much. I feel like it's been forever since I've been really into a starter's final form. Like in gen 2 and 3 my favourite starter form was the second evolution of the plant guy :|. The water guy's a chameleon though (based on the translations of its international names) so that's got a lot of potential!!

- badger
- fox (will be very sexy to furries and thus the new Gardevoir/Lucario)
- idk something that looks like the fuckin stonehenge somehow
- kelpies (evil water horses)
- something that's very much part of japanese mythology/culture but is inexplicably in the UK-analog
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