*Blends in the crowd * Hey there !

New members, post here to introduce yourself!
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*Blends in the crowd * Hey there !

Post by Ezio » 30 Jun 2010 04:56 pm

( I hate introductions.)

Well, I decided to join since I noticed LOTS of people I know from Subeta are on that site. I'm not really new here, I browse the forum on a regular basic, I just never really feelt like I needed to join.

I'm Ezio, or well, that's my UN. Call me Audrey if you want. I'm 17, and I live in Quebec. So English is my second language. I've been a member of Subeta for 3 and an half year. I spend all my time on Subeta. I make profiles. I love video games, the 80's and Star Trek.

People might recognize me from Subeta, I'm Ezio there as well.

And that's about it :)

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Re: *Blends in the crowd * Hey there !

Post by Kantark » 30 Jun 2010 10:52 pm

Hello Ezio! Welcome to Neocolours, I'm glad you decided to join - the more the merrier! I'm Kantark, I'm from the 80's :-P
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Re: *Blends in the crowd * Hey there !

Post by AngharadTy » 01 Jul 2010 12:49 am

Ah, you have the Kirk pet with the amusing profile and overlay! I've seen that on some of the overlay/pet threads. Hehe. Welcome to NC!
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Re: *Blends in the crowd * Hey there !

Post by Alicorn » 01 Jul 2010 05:34 am

Yes! I've sat and stared at your pets many of times and seen you floating about the board. Welcome! Warning though, some of us do bite. Some harder then others. But we are all nice just the same. ^-^
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