Looking for an active Neopets fan-forum...

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Shiny Neomysterion
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Looking for an active Neopets fan-forum...

Post by Shiny Neomysterion »

Before I continue, I'm (Shiny) Neomysterion, and I've been a Neopets player for almost nine years. I'm neoking2002_neo back on Neopets, The Plushie Ultimatum at Jellyneo (has uptime problems), and Neomysterion at The Daily Neopets (has been ravaged recently). I've been looking for a Neopets fan-forum that won't have such problems and chaos like the other two sites I've mentioned.

If you've seen me at any of those places, let me know. I'm also proud to be here at Neocolours as well, and I'll always be looking for a good Neopets discussion spot. :D
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Re: Looking for an active Neopets fan-forum...

Post by Kantark »

Hi Neomysterion, welcome to Neocolours! Admittedly we're not the most active Neo fan forum out there, but we do like good discussions. I'd like to think that the signal-to-noise ration is considerably higher here than in some other places ;-)

I didn't realise JN suffered from downtime, it always seems to be working on the rare occasions I go there. Maybe I'm just lucky with my timing?
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Re: Looking for an active Neopets fan-forum...

Post by Kali_Lupine »

welcome, I'm not often on the Neopets part of the forums, but everyone here is very nice! Nice to see a fellow long time Neopets user though, I've been playing for 10 1/2 years (same name on neo as this forum)

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Re: Looking for an active Neopets fan-forum...

Post by Madge »

I spend a lot of time on reddit and actually am a moderator for the neopets subreddit! We're still small but always happy to have new people if you're interested: http://www.reddit.com/r/neopets/

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Re: Looking for an active Neopets fan-forum...

Post by lovelypets »

Hey I think I've seen you on icepets before! :D

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