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Contact: what?

Post by chocolatefairy13 »

Hey guys! I've been pretty absent on Neo for a little while. I got married and had 2 kids. LOL
I was logging into Neo on occasion (every couple of months) but the last time I tried, it said my account was frozen for trying to log in too many times. It guided me to submit a ticket, but you can't submit tickets unless you're logged in! So it was an endless cycle getting nowhere. I finally emailed support @ neopets and never heard a reply back.

Now what?? I put 12 years into that account. I want it back!

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Re: what?

Post by thelonetiel »

You should be able to submit tickets when not logged in, but they can be harder to track.

I'd recommend logging into/creating a side account and submitting a ticket from there, that used to be the best method at least.

I have an irrational fear of that happening to me too someday, I'm so sorry it actually happened to you! We put so much work into those accounts to just see them disappear. :(

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Re: what?

Post by Madge »

Haha welcome back to NC! how are you going??? Apart from the partner and two kids thing! That sounsd pretty awesome!

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Re: what?

Post by Kantark »

Can't add any advice (other than back up what Tiel suggested), but welcome back! Sounds like you've got your hands full!
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Re: what?

Post by Runic »

..are you sure you're frozen? Cause I can view your lookup just fine. Your account isn't iced or disabled. Unless you got it unfrozen very quickly. In any case, congrats!

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