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an unexpected adoption - Mutant Shoyru

Posted: 22 Jun 2020 08:45 pm
by Mistress Morbid
I might as well share some ramblings here now that I'm back. :)

I've been able to recover so many of my original pets, I really am stunned. So glad to have those familiar faces on my accounts. I didn't have any immediate intention of getting new pets yet, but I happened to see this girl listed on a Pound Share thread and I fell in love so I adopted her.

At first I was considering trying to change her to a male, but you know what, I think it's cute that she's a girl. I love her!

Re: an unexpected adoption - Mutant Shoyru

Posted: 26 Jun 2020 09:24 am
by Jazzy
Aww, she's really cute with the little eyelashes! Like a Land Before Time dinosaur or something.