So, how do you make your neopoints?

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Post by yvonne_l_d »

I also restock in the bookshop when I can. Restocking gives me about 90k per week, and I play some quick games for 70k per week. That gives me a total of 160k per week, which isn't too bad for the amount of time I put into it. Too bad I spend it all, lol.

I also do the stock market, but I can't spend enough time online for it to be a big source of my income. I invest when I can, and every once in a while, when a stock goes up, I get surprised with a 200k bonus.

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Post by Nyx »

I use this guide :D

its what used to be Turnipsy :)

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Post by Cranberry »

Ooh, neat thread. It's cool to read about all the different ways people make NP. Here's what I do:

Stockmarket. Buy at 15, sell at 60. I haven't been doing it for long, but it's great so far.

Food Club. I have an old account and can make up to 10 bets of around 4.5k each per day. Some days I win 60k, some days I win 190k, some days I come out even... but I rarely lose, because I use a good betting strategy (thanks to my friend sirhatter -- I edited his food club guide for him. I'd link it but I think he's in the process of moving it).

World Challenges. Volcano Run, Destruct-O-Match II and Faerie Bubbles. I get three pieces per day, and they usually sell for around 11-15k each (some are worth more).

I play a few games for fun, and a few sponsor games for the easy NP (mostly the Crowd Patrol ones), and I of course participate in plots and wars... but those are my three main ways of making NP. I can make between 1 and 3 mil in a month, depending on how nice stocks and food club are being. Not as much as good restockers make, but not bad. :)

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Post by Natia »

I play games, generally. Especially the sponsored games. After awhile they can really add up and it doesn't take that long to acquire 20kish.

I restock whenever possible too, just at the bookshop which is usually fairly easy. As I'm still a beginner ;D.

I'd like to learn to play the Stockmarket as well. We've done projects in school where we pretend to buy/sell/follow stocks. But right now I'm too busy with RL to get started on the neopets one.

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Post by Wingsrising »

Is there someone who can steer me to a really good Food Club guide? I started doing it, then stopped, and now I've forgotten how. However, now that clickies are gone and my battle pet is in training again (8k for a Main Codestone!) I could use the extra cash...

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Post by sky_ »

When I just started playing: rs in book shop and pharm everyday.

Now: purely Stockmarket and some games ^^

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Post by hebdenhippy »

I don't make big Neopoints, I don't have the time or the need, but what I do is set a target to make 20k a day playing games, I just found a few games that I was good at and I enjoyed and hey presto, 20k in about half an hour. Ok, I know it's hardly a lot but it builds up over time, I bought a darigan and island paint brush a while ago, now I'm saving for the lab map.

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Post by Danish »

I don't really do anything. I just sit back and wait for the donations to roll in :D I do sponsor links from time to time as well but i always fofget about them.

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Post by galacticMel »

I wiz surf. Just today I bought a 96k lab map piece for 1k, and a few days ago I got a 75k piece for 300np. I usually look for lab map pieces, Transmogs (got a Grundo Trans for 10k), and paint brushes. I recently just got back into Neopets, and started with less than 100k which I've managed to turn into 800k in about 2 weeks. I am saving for a Baby Paint Brush so I can paint my Ogrin, dirty_jim.
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Post by Mariko »

I only play games... and I make about 50kish a day.

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Re: So, how do you make your neopoints?

Post by Morgana_Ishida »

I play the stock market. I do a bit of restocking from time to time, but mostly I'm all about the stock market. It takes a little while to make a profit at first, you have usually have to invest a lot before you start to profit, but it doesn't take much day-to-day time and the pay offs are huge. Also, if you're away for a while and not playing neopets everyday, that's fine. I once came back to find the 12,000 shares of stock that I'd previously bought for 15nps a piece (180,000nps) to be selling at 250nps a share or so (3,000,000nps).

So, yeah. The stock market is my hero.

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Re: So, how do you make your neopoints?

Post by Original_account »

Mostly by doing well in wars/ plots and occasional gaming. I keep the prizes until the prices shoot up - then I sell. When I was playing the Altador Cup I, I had been rewarded with 2 Yooyus. At the time, they were being sold for 150-200k each, now they're around 500-600k the last time I had checked. (:
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Re: So, how do you make your neopoints?

Post by bluelightning »

Mainly games and sometimes I restock, but right now I play the AC too much to play many other games lol

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Re: So, how do you make your neopoints?

Post by Veo »

when I have the time, restocking, maybe games.

These days is all about the Stock Market. Love the stock market. Love it. :)

i use for a guide - their report which can be found here is easy as pie to use - - just by using that, I am now officially a millionaire. Makes me happy. :)

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