Fluffy's Art. :P

Post finished and unfinished work here for critique and appraisal.
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Fluffy's Art. :P

Post by Faun »

I have no idea why I'm making this topic. My art sucks compared to everyone else's. ;_____; BUT! I'm hoping the wise people of neocolours will help me to Improve.
I don't have a tablet or anything yet and I have to draw using my laptop, so my lines are very wiggly. :(
This is my Character, Cinnamon.
Some random picture of one of the Squirtle squad. I have no idea why I drew this.
I'm not sure what this is. :P

I have a ton more, but I probably won't post them. :P Unless you want me to.
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Re: Fluffy's Art. :P

Post by Kali_Lupine »

hee hee I like Cinnamon, I'm always happy to see canine characters with wings/horns since the character I modeled after myself is a werewolf/dragon :)

I'd love to see more of your work Rowan!

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