I've been a Neopian for 8 years...

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I've been a Neopian for 8 years...

Post by HeathenBenny »

...and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that colors are important. Your choice of color is very telling about your personality.

Sorry about that. I'm Benny. I started a new account recently after about a year and a half of hiatus. I am the proud owner of a Camo Lenny, even though his face is always stuck at "ANGRY" in Quick Ref. Doesn't bother me, I love him just the same. I might repaint him, though.

I also have a Magma Mynci (5:05 local time in the morning? REALLY?) and a Blue-maroo. What are your favorite Blumaroo colors? I'm very curious.

Color Wheel
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Re: I've been a Neopian for 8 years...

Post by Color Wheel »

Nice to meet you, Benny! Hope you enjoy it here.

And I've always had a soft spot for Baby Blums, myself. (Ironic, seeing as I usually don't care for baby pets in the slightest.)

Katy... :)
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Re: I've been a Neopian for 8 years...

Post by Katy... :) »

Hi there! Welcome... I personally love the Tyrannian Blumaroo. :)
I will always be a blue evil fuzzle.

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