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Forum guidelines

Post by Jazzy »

We don't have many rules to follow here, but these are the guidelines we ask members to stick to:

Bumping topics
To "bump" a topic means to post on it once it has had no posts for a period of time. This is generally frowned upon if:
- you are bumping your own topics, especially by double-posting. Be patient- we're not as fast as the Neoboards :)
- you bump a topic which has had no posts in two weeks or more. Moderators will generally lock those posts.

If you make a post and then another immediately afterwards, that's double posting. Mods will normally combine the two into one post, since it makes the threads longer needlessly. There's also no reason to double-post to increase your post count, because that doesn't display on main forum pages here. You can edit your own posts if you think of more things to say on the same topic and no-one's replied in that time, using the edit button at the top right of your posts.

Post length
We don't ask people to write essays for every post, but try not to make posts which are excessively short. Generally, if your post is just a quote and "me too", you need to expand a little more. If you're talking about a pet colour, maybe find something to say that justifies it- point out the shading or the colouring or something. Posts which are very short may be deleted- for example, if they're just emoticons with no text, or shorter than about three words long. Also, if you're asking for help with something, the more detail you can provide, the more likely we are to be able to help you.

Specific rules on signatures can be found here.

You may not change the font colour, size or style of your posts, as explained here.

Multiple accounts are not allowed, unless cleared by an admin. (If you have some need to change your username, you must contact an admin.)

If you cannot log in successfully, please try the methods outlined on this thread. Don't email me asking me to fix it until you've tried these.

If the spoiler tag isn't opening and closing properly, or the + and - buttons to resize the reply box aren't working, please make sure you have Javascript enabled and properly updated.

Following on from these:
Who do I go to with a problem?
If you're unable to get into your account or are having a problem with a certain user, please email or PM me. Otherwise, you should take your queries to anyone on the Moderating Team, who will be happy to help you.

What do the moderators do?
Moderators can:
- check the IP address of any post
- delete a post
- lock, delete, move, merge or split a topic
- unattach signatures from posts
- step in in the event of a public dispute between users.

How do I become a moderator?
All of our moderators have been elected by popular vote. We don't hold these often, but generally, members are nominated and then a yes/no vote is held by poll. Therefore, to become a moderator, you generally have to be a well-respected and well-liked member and others will put you forward. Asking to become one is likely to harm your chances.
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Post by dandelions »

This is a list of the words currently filtered by the spelling filter:
absolutly changes to absolutely
adaquate changes to adequate
alot changes to a lot
apparantly changes to apparently
aswell changes to as well
basicly changes to basically
completly changes to completely
critisism changes to criticism
definately changes to definitely
definatly changes to definitely
defintially changes to definitely
deoderant changes to deodorant
descision changes to decision
desicison changes to decision
desicisons changes to decisions
differant changes to different
disscuss changes to discuss
dont changes to don't
flys changes to flies
hypocracy changes to hypocrisy
incidently changes to incidentally
independant changes to independent
ironical changes to ironic
irreverant changes to irreverent
kind've changes to kind'f
Neocolors changes to Neocolours
oppinion changes to opinion
payed changes to paid
per say changes to per se
persay changes to per se
regestired changes to registered
saftey changes to safety
Schorchios changes to Scorchios
seperate changes to separate
sequal(s) and sequil(s) change to sequel(s)
sort've changes to sort'f
teh changes to the
theif changes to thief
truely changes to truly
unfortunatly changes to unfortunately

The names of certain banned users are also blocked, to prevent giving them the attention they appear to crave.

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