Strawberry Poogle page glitched

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Strawberry Poogle page glitched

Post by Shiny Neomysterion »

Hello again Neocolours! Long time, no see (or post for that matter).

I just want to make sure that this is the right board for reporting these types of errors. For whatever reason, I noticed that your page for the Strawberry Poogle is messed up. There is a large white bar obscuring the view of the Unconverted poses part of this particular page, and then a repeat of the current Strawberry Poogle info shows up but with a Chocolate Poogle taking over all the male Strawberry Poogle images followed by a notice claiming that the Strawberry Poogle doesn't have any unconverted poses. I'm not sure if this is a bizarre coding error (mainly towards the large white bar covering up all the real uncoverted poses of our Strawberry Poogle friend), but I hope this gets sorted out soon.

Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance!

P.S.: When you view any page for male Strawberry pets, a Chocolate Poogle is there in place of the Strawberry one.
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Re: Strawberry Poogle page glitched

Post by Jazzy »

Thank you for pointing this out! What happened here was that I had mistakenly added the Strawberry Poogle to the database twice (presumably I saw the strawberry on the head of the Chocolate one while zoned out and just called it Strawberry). The page found both records and attempted to display them both, but didn't cope well with that as it isn't designed to do that. I have fixed this by removing the duplicate, and ran a search for other duplicate entries - there was only one other which I have also removed, so there shouldn't be any more instances of this glitch.
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