HEY I STILL EXIST (also looking for someone pls help)

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Acey Enn
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HEY I STILL EXIST (also looking for someone pls help)

Post by Acey Enn »

HI Y’ALL. It is I, Acey (formerly known as Mandy). Life is not going amazingly but some things are okay, and I will not elaborate further unless asked because that’s not why I’m back! :P

Anyway, my main reason for posting is that I’m trying to find a member—specifically, the fellow genius behind Project Lupe Poop, which was an admittedly super immature but still amusing trolling campaign on the Neoboards where we’d go into Lupe RPs and post impenetrably purple prose-y depictions of Lupes taking dumps and wait for people to catch on. (Honestly I don’t know how we got away with it, but that’s beside the point.) I remember her being cool, and I’d love to make contact again and reminisce about things!

She was around my age—I think we were both 12 at the time but she might’ve been a year or two older—and she had a website done in shades of cyan on a dark background (I wanna say dark brown but I’m not sure). I know that’s not a ton to go off of, but I hope someone here remembers!
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Re: HEY I STILL EXIST (also looking for someone pls help)

Post by Jazzy »

Hey Mandy, welcome back! I don't remember who that was, I'm afraid, though I do remember you talking about it. Hopefully someone has a better memory than me!
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