Adoptables Directory - 2022

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Adoptables Directory - 2022

Post by Umbra »

Hi, hope ya'll don't mind that I created a forum account just to post this, but I realized that without the indexing of pet pages, that it's near impossible to search for adoptables on Google anymore. However this post Adoptables Directory [IMAGE HEAVY!] is very visible in Google when searching "neopets makeables" or "neopets adoptables" but sadly, many of those pages no longer exist. The pets have either been purged or pages cleared for many of them. So figured I might try to compile an updated list of active adoptable sites.

For now, I'm just gonna provide links to Adoptable directories and multi-species pages. I may list out other individual pages later. I may also post sample images of each species if I see interest.

Note: You will now need to be logged into to access any petpages.

Adoptable Directories
Toyest Adoptables Directory
The Adoptables Phonebook
Dessert Pets Directory -- Lists Dessert-themed Adoptables

Adoptables by Shade,

XOX adoptables


Please feel free to contribute pages! Also, if this top level post needs updating and I forget to check back on this forum, I will likely be reachable on neo as espeons_darkside. Thanks!

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Re: Adoptables Directory - 2022

Post by Jazzy »

This is a great resource, thanks for posting it! I remember when there were adoptables all over the place...
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Re: Adoptables Directory - 2022

Post by Aqua »

Are people still into adoptables then? Wasn't sure if that died out. I still have all the ones I created, but they're so ancient now.
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